Farmism is community-led open software platform to run agricultural investment simulations for small and micro size farmers in India


Farmism is a decentralized platform that runs any number of simulations using any number of input variables to analyze agriculture outcomes for small and micro size farmers, either over a single crop-cycle or over a period of time.

Farmism is the way agricultural planning will be done in the age of abundant data access and automated decision making. It is a community-led initiative to promote open data, software and knowledge for agricultural problem-solvers.


Both simulator versions currently “run on” over 60 key input values (crop yields, credit interest rates, etc) and are based on deep understanding of the on-the-ground cultural, operational and economic factors. You can find code for both single scenario and multi-scenario versions here:

Here is a short demo of an early version of the multi version. For the purpose of the video it’s set to 10 simulations per second:


The idea behind Farmism is to reduce geography and information asymmetry for problem solvers, researchers and pursuers of social good. Following experiments will be incubated in the lab.

  • Data capture techniques of publicly available and verified data
  • Open source codes for problem solving
  • Collaborative hackathons for social good
  • Development of embedded systems for rural

A farm extension supervisor needs a system to capture farmer inputs (land holding size, crops grown, etc.) and assess credit options available in the market. The stretch in the challenge will be to plug in a hardware device that can capture some of the farm input data without a survey and/or connect to the banking system to process an application for loan based on input data.


This is an invitation to expert practitioners, coders, data scientists, hackers, industry professionals, bankers, students and the larger research community to solve mega-challenges with systems thinking in a free, transparent and collaborative manner.