Farmism is community-led open software platform to run agricultural investment simulations for small and micro size farmers in India


The features are all connected to the input values, ranging from straw market rate and seeder asset value to pseudo-ramdonmess that is applied to labour and yield factor. They can be broken down to:

  • input costs
  • credit cost
  • market rates
  • asset values
  • infrastructure cost
  • seed, feed and fertilizer requirements
  • labour requirements
  • yield factors

In addition to over 60 input values within the above mentioned groups, there are multiple custom capabilities to improve model accuracy:

  • Synergy reduction where each new acre of crop lead to cumulative reduction in cost
  • Credit availability adjustment based on held assets
  • Varying interest rates depending on the lender type
  • Pseudo-randomness applied to yield and labour factors
  • Family labour output consideration in to total labour demand

If you want to understand all the features of the current version, you can do so by studying the readme and codes in:


It is very easy to add virtually any new feature based on the current input variables or new ones. The Python codebase is left intentionally verbose for even novice programmers to start using it, developing it and hopefully contributing to it.