Farmism is community-led open software platform to run agricultural investment simulations for small and micro size farmers in India


In the single version it is possible to create one scenario and get the result for it. User can choose a set of input criteria for each simulation.


In the multi version it is possible to run through a set of scenarios. User can choose a short, long or create a ranged custom set easily.

Both versions produce the same standard output.

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 10.39.20


Simulator produces a simplified performance statement for the round and the given scenario. Each of the over 60 inputs currently in use have the potential to effect the outcome of the scenario in every round. More sophisticated than any small and micro size farmer planning tool, but fun like playing a computer game.

For programmers it’s easy to get the simulation results out in any imaginable format for running advanced analysis with additional codes / programs. Even the smallest contributions to the Farmism codebase will be greatly appreciated by countless farmers in India, and everyone that eats the food they produce.

Access the codes here:

Please consider becoming a contributor.